About the Team

What is Sequoyah Robotics?

Sequoyah Robotics is a First Robotics team from Sequoyah High School. Rebooted in 2019, our team has been working Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays to ensure the building and programming of an incredibly efficient robot. However, although developing this bot is one of our priorities, it is not our team's main focus. Being a part of both the Rotary and Enable clubs, Sequoyah Robotics also works with building prosthetic hands and building electric wheelchairs for toddlers to better the community. As we learn and grow together, our team- although we are technically not rookies - are excited for an amazing first real season as a First Robotics team!

Here are some pictures from our fist year as a team being rookies working on our t-shirt canon.


Our leadership team is in charge of the different aspects of our team. They are the people who distribute and assign the various tasks.

Team Captain

Oversees all of the different projects to make sure that everything is getting done on time and correctly. As well as supervising the the team members while they work on various projects. They also make sure that everything is ready for competition by making sure that we bring everything we need.

Build Lead

In charge of distributing the various tasks for the different building components. As well as overseeing and supervising the build portion of the team.

Design Lead

In charge of helping design and create through the CNC machine, laser cutter, and 3D printers, some of the different components for building as well as the service projects.

Programming Lead

In charge of using and taking what the build team has created and making working code for it.

Service Lead

In charge of making sure that our service projects run accordingly. Oversees our two different service projects Enable and Go-Baby-Go. Also they are in charge of making sure that we have everything for our service table when we go to competitions.

Enable Lead

In charge of keeping up with new clients through documentation and records. Also in charge of our 3D printers that we use to print the hands. They also make sure that during the season we have CaliCats printing to give away at our service table.

Go-Baby-Go Lead

In charge of creating new Go-Baby-Go carts as well as making sure that we have all of the parts and components that we will need when designing and creating a new cart.

Game Day Operations Lead

In charge of making sure that we have everything that we will need for competitions. Anything from scouting to the pit and to making sure that everyone has a job to complete. They also make sure that there is a rotating list of roles so that everyone besides the drive team has something to do during the different comps.