Go Baby Go!

The When, Who and Why of Go Baby Go!

Go Baby go was created in 2012 by Cole Galloway, an expert in children's physical therapy. He did this in his effort to provide independent mobility to children with motor and cognitive delays at no cost to the family, aiming to create more inclusive communities.

Team 8080 wishes to represent this goal thoroughly!

Sequoyah Robotics

Team 8080 Service Project

Go Baby Go's! Mission Statement

To provide unrestricted access to life's activities, to strive toward improved quality of life and engagement, and to work in collaboration to develop innovative solutions to remove barriers so people can live life on their terms.

Our Goal

We want to enable any and every child to experience the freedom and enjoyment of movement.

Know someone who would love to experience the freedom of mobility?

Contact our Go Baby Go! Service lead, at:

Email: seqouyahfrc@gmail.com

Website: sequoyahrobotics.com

Instagram: @sequoyahrobotics