"A great team is built off of great resources."

Building a robot requires a lot of materials! Tools, rulebooks- checking over and over again to make sure that everything is in compliance with First competition rules. Here, you'll find resources that we've used throughout the year to ensure that our bot and the building process will run smoothly.

INFINITE RECHARGE Game and Season Manual

The most valuable tool on this team isn't a wrench, or a screwdriver, or a saw- it's the manual. Consulting it almost every single day, the INFINITE RECHARGE Game and Season Manual is a necessity while building and programming the robot. On it, you'll find specifics for the robot, the tasks the robot will have to complete, measurements, and, of course, rules. You can access the manual by clicking here.

2020 FIRST Robotics Competition INFINITE RECHARGE Game Animation

Every season, FIRST releases an animation depicting tasks the robot must complete and what the playing field will look like. It gives a general idea of how the game should run; and, of course, flaunts some impressive 3D animation while doing it. Make sure to check it out, especially if you're new to FIRST! The video can be found by clicking here.

FIRST Website

Using the FIRST website for help is always a great idea. Be it for a simple programming error or having your entire robot's hardware malfunction, the FIRST website is chock-full of resources for any team in need. It's like a treasure trove of information! To access it, click here.


What's a robot without its hardware? AndyMark is a website for purchasing equipment and parts to build FIRST robots- in other words, an incredibly important resource for our team. With products ranging from stealth wheels to motors to game parts, this website is key for building a successful robot. It can be accessed by clicking here.

Chief Delphi

Got a question that just can't seem to be answered by any other website? Need ideas for your robot? Recommendations on everything from hardware to software? Good news- Chief Delphi's got your back! A forum for all things FIRST, Chief Delphi is an amazing resource for any questions and any ideas. This website can be found here.


The FIRST Robotics Competition Question and Answer System is a fantastic resource for FIRST teams everywhere. Here, they release tips on the best ways to tackle tasks with the robot- professionally and publicly answering your question in a timely order. Need to ask a question about the competition? Simply type up your question, send it in, and get a detailed solution! The FRC Q&A page can be found here.

Georgia FIRST Robotics

Being a team based in Georgia, it's never a bad idea to consult the Georgia branch website of FIRST robotics. With local news and resources on building a robot, keeping a computer with this page open can lead to amazing discoveries- be it helping you work out a tiny bug in the bot, or finding you a trove of new resources! You can access this website by clicking here.